QUICK! You must make your teammates guess the word that appears at the top of this card…  

WILL YOU CHOOSE TO...  draw it? Or would you rather sculpt it with clay? Or mime it? Or hum it?  etc.
NINE ACTIVITIES appear on the card.  You'll have to pick one of them to make your   teammates guess.  Choose carefully: a more difficult activity will earn you extra points, but will also take up more of your precious time… 
Try to get the most points out of five cards before your time runs out!
What activities will you Pick’N’Choose? TM
14+ years
2-8 players
Gameplay: 30 minutes 





You may sketch the answer on paper.

Let out the Picasso in you!






You may sculpt the answer with modeling clay.

Dig in and let loose your inner child!






You may mime the answer.

Show them you’ve got the moves!






You may hum or whistle the answer.

Have you got the beat?






You may sculpt plastic-coated wires.

Are you brave enough to try it?






You may use facial movements and sound effects. Don’t be afraid to look silly now!






You may say only one word.

For the word buff in you!






You may say only two words.

For the second word buff in you!






You may read the trivia question on the card.

For the trivia fan in you!



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